My Year in Recap

And why I’ve actually loved 2020…

Whew! 2020 has been *quite* the year, hasn’t it?! Between the unmentionable “C” word (Hint: -OVID) and the time we’ve spent indoors – HOLY MOLY, can we just move past this madness amiright?! 

As I do every year, I’ve been taking time to reflect on the past year and through the chaos there have been so many lessons learned. I wanted to share a few of them with you in hopes that you too can try to see the silver lining. Some of my lessons may apply to you, others may not so take it them for what they’re worth…

1. Make a decision and stick with it. Indecision and overthinking kills dreams & ideas.
2. I am a valuable resource and will use that to hold my ground with clients into the future
3. Charging below your worth doesn’t do anything but create animosity – figure out what you believe you deserve to make and charge that price.
4. Having a strong network of people (both on- an offline) is crucial to business development
5. The more you GIVE the more you GET
6. You get to choose who you follow and the content you see online (specifically on social media) – don’t be afraid to block and/or delete those things that trigger you.
7. Win, lose or draw your real people will always be in your corner
8. Going to therapy doesn’t make me a crazy person. In fact, it may be the opposite
9. It’s okay to crave in-person human interaction, it’s actually very normal!
10. Real friends won’t try to get things for free – remember your value!
11. Run don’t walk toward whatever it is that you want – you’re the only one holding yourself back
12. Listen to your body and mind – respect your needs. If you need a day away… take it!
13. We are all unique and that’s what’s fun about being human. Don’t try to fit into someone else’s view of what you should be
14. Mindset is SUPER important. Whether you’re “woo” or not – check where your mind is at
15. See #3 – you’re not doing ANYONE any favors by offering discounts
16. Self care is CRUCIAL. Take care of your mind & body and they will take care of you.
17. To quote one of my favorite old school country songs… You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything
18. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall short of your own expectations, chalk it up to a lesson learned and move past it.
19. It’s good (and SO important) to have goals but hard plans rarely work out so offer yourself grace when you come to the fork in the road and your lead somewhere other than where you planned to end up
20. Lastly, love and laughter trumps all – if you find that in your life (business/personal/anywhere) hold on to it, it’s not something to take for granted.

I’d love to hear if any of these things resonated with you and what your biggest lessons of 2020 have been so far? Don’t be afraid to comment below – I’m here for you!


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