List of 50 Tasks You Can Outsource Tomorrow

Knowing when and how to outsource is one aspect of branching out and scaling your business. Outsourcing allows you to take on more clients, but to delegate tasks you either have no time to do, or that are outside of your zone of mastery. 

Need a jump-start for deciding what to outsource? The list below contains 50 tasks you can outsource tomorrow. Keep in mind it’s by no means exhaustive, but it does serve as a great jumping-off point as you decide which tasks to outsource.

Social media management

  • Account set-up 
  • Creating captions
  • Graphics
  • Scheduling 
  • Replying to comments and DMs on behalf of client
  • Facebook group moderation
  • Facebook/Instagram ads

Podcast Support

  • Writing podcast episode summaries
  • Editing and uploading episodes
  • Graphics
  • Collaborating with podcast owner to locate and book guests
  • Episode-related blog posts

General VA Support

  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Calendar management
  • CRM updates and management
  • Inbox management and clean-up
  • File management through Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Spreadsheets
  • PowerPoint or Keynote presentations
  • Call handling/virtual reception
  • Creating document and form templates
  • Project management
  • Client management
  • Creating SOPs
  • Email newsletters/campaigns

Video services

  • Editing
  • Uploading with correct tags, descriptions, SEO
  • Scheduling
  • Transcribing
  • Creating thumbnail images

Blog/website management

  • Uploading/formatting blog posts
  • Sourcing images and adding alt text/tags
  • Tagging blog posts
  • Updating site plug-ins
  • Updating links
  • Adding/deleting pages
  • Adding/deleting menu items
  • Fixing broken HTML or CSS code
  • Resolving hosting issues
  • Website design

Project Management

  • Deadline/deliverables tracking
  • Assigning recurring tasks
  • Adding/deleting team members in project management software
  • Resolving project or task-related questions

Public relations/marketing

  • Influencer outreach
  • Sponsorship outreach
  • Locating guest blogging/podcast opportunities
  • Press releases
  • Creating media kits
  • Lead generation/follow-up

One of the most satisfying things about outsourcing is you can locate subcontractors who either specialize in a narrow set of skills, or who have a broader skill set to tackle outsourced tasks across a wider range of specialties. 

It’s your business! Assemble a great team of contractors and subcontractors, and outsource to your heart’s content while your business grows and you continue to nurture and grow your own unique specialty. 

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