Finding Your Zone of Mastery

One of the joys and advantages of being an entrepreneur is creating your business in a way that suits your unique personality and work style. 

You’re in a position to serve your clients  based on your Zone of Mastery–that sweet spot of doing what you enjoy doing and what you’re good at–and not on an employer’s needs.

“Zone of Genius” and “Zone of Mastery” have been bandied around in many entrepreneur circles. What if you’re starting out and aren’t sure of your Zone of Mastery or genius?

Here are some key questions to ask yourself when finding your unique Zone of Mastery:

What feels effortless?

If you can whip someone’s inbox into shape in short order, or if you can create an incredible graphic without batting an eyelash, pay attention. It could be part of your Zone of Mastery. Tasks that feel effortless are a key indicator you’ve found something worth developing. 

What’s my unique ability?

If you have a knack for web design, for example, that could be one Zone of Mastery (it’s ok to have more than one). Working within your unique ability allows your skills to shine.

What doesn’t feel like work?

One way to determine if something is in your Zone of Mastery is to ask yourself whether or not it feels like work. If a project or task feels like an uphill battle against boredom or indifference, it’s safe to say it’s not in your Zone of Mastery.

What produces the highest amount of satisfaction relative to the time spent?

Your level of satisfaction in proportion to the time spent on a task or project is a significant indicator of whether or not it’s in your Zone of Mastery.

If you spend a large part of your day in a customer service role and feel little to no satisfaction, it’s time to pay attention and redirect your efforts and time elsewhere.

Pay attention as you go through your day. Pay close attention to projects and tasks that bring you the most satisfaction and sense of fulfillment. 

Take some time to identify your natural gifts and talents as they relate to your business. It could be creative endeavors such as graphic design or technical projects such as podcast editing. Regardless of where your natural talents lie, it’s unique to you and no one else.

The ironic thing about the Zone of Mastery is that it may be something you didn’t necessarily feel passionate about initially but excelled at anyway. 

Identifying your Zone of Mastery involves a bit of soul-searching and time spent taking care of various tasks and projects.

Take some time to identify the skills you have a natural talent for that bring you the most satisfaction, feel effortless, and lie within your unique abilities. Part of the joy of creating your own business is the opportunity to work from your heart each day. 

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