How To Be Present In Business And Life

Owning your own business brings with it so many joys but also so many distractions. If the past year has demonstrated anything, people are stretched thin, particularly if they have kids they’ve had to homeschool or elderly family members to care for. 

Even if your life doesn’t include kids or elders, the past year has dealt us many changes, and it’s easy to fall into “what-if” scenarios and to worry about future events, both professional and personal.  

If you’re looking for ways to stay present in business and life, I’ve found some awesome tips for you. What’s even better is that none of them involve signing up for formal mindfulness courses or workshops; you can implement these practices in your own home on your own time FO FREE! 


One simple word can mean so much. Take a few moments each day to focus on what you are grateful for and what you have accomplished in your business and personal life. Taking a few minutes each day to practice gratitude helps with keeping you grounded and present. 

Pay attention to everyday tasks

If your morning includes getting up for some peace and quiet before the day’s demands take over, take a few moments to savor that morning tea or coffee, your shower, even brushing your teeth. By engaging your senses, you’re able to stay more present rather than letting your mind wander. 

Instead of mindlessly scrolling social media, focus instead on starting your day with reading material that will help you stay grounded and set the tone for your day. It doesn’t need to be serious or motivational if you don’t want it to be. Focus on whatever reading material will set the mood for your day ahead. 

Stay Organized

Balancing work and personal demands can be overwhelming, especially if those demands are equally urgent. Staying on top of business and personal calendars/apps each day will pull you back into the present and will help you determine what needs to be done today, at the moment. 

Coaching/Mastermind Groups

Staying connected with your coaching/mastermind groups is a great way to stay grounded. By sharing ideas, solutions, and organizational tips, you’re better able to stay in the moment in both business and personal lives. 

There’s a good chance some of your group members feel just as frazzled as you are and have some excellent ideas for staying present. The added layer of accountability in these groups also provides extra incentive to say present and focus on the here and now. 

Competing priorities and business/personal challenges can make us feel overwhelmed and tempted to focus on “what-if” scenarios and other anxiety-provoking thoughts. It takes time to learn to stay present in all facets of your life. Be consistent, show yourself some grace, and you’ll soon reap both professional and personal benefits.

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