Imposter Syndrome – Break Through the Blocks

Imposter Syndrome can show up as feeling unsure of your skills and talents, and worried that you’ll be “found out” as not knowing all that you should in your role. Maybe you feel like your accomplishments have happened as the result of pure luck, and the other shoe will drop at any moment…

Sound familiar? Here are some easy ways to send Imposter Syndrome packing and step into your success. 

There is no “right” way to achieve success. There is more than one way to launch or scale your business, for example. What works for one of your colleagues may not work for you. 

One of your colleagues swears by coaching, courses, and summits. You’d rather fly solo and maybe bounce ideas off a friend or mentor and you achieve the same results as your colleague, you’ve found what works for you. Stick with it and don’t give it a second thought. 

Stop comparing yourself with others. It’s very easy to feel inadequate when you see colleagues hitting six-figure years or posting glowing client reviews on their social channels. 

What you are seeing is a highlight reel; you don’t see the missteps and failures that went into hitting six figures or earning those glowing client reviews. 

Comparing ourselves to others is a trap. Keep your eyes on your unique path to success. 

Learn to see failure as an opportunity. This is a tough one! We’ve been socialized from a very early eage to view failure as bad, a sign we didn’t measure up and are inadequate. 

Instead, learn to see failure as an opportunity. Everyone fails, even your six-figure colleague. Failure is a normal part of taking risks. Without failure, there would be no success…honest! 

Remember your value. Your success is your creation. Your colleague didn’t design that website your client loved. You did. Every success you have is yours; it’s not an accident or a stroke of luck. 

Your success really is yours! Give yourself credit!

Everyone deals with Imposter Syndrome at some point in their careers. Learning to move past it and not let it rent space in your head is the key to a healthy outlook and a successful business. 

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