Mindset Tips for Online Entrepreneuers

Owning a successful online business is dependent on many factors, but your mindset is the most important.

By now, you’ve probably heard about “growth mindset,” but there are other mindset hacks you can use in your business. By employing these mindset shifts, you can reframe your thinking away from employee and toward business owner. 

You’re The Boss

 The boss. Boss Lady, Boss Babe, Boss Dude.Business owner. Solopreneur. However you wish to phrase it, you are the boss. The business is yours to cultivate and grow how you see fit. 

Being your own boss also means you get to choose who you work with. You have the freedom to say “no” to clients that aren’t a good fit. You have the freedom to set your rates and hours. Hate working evenings and weekends? Block them out on your work calendar. 

All of this can be a tough transition if you’ve come from a corporate background, but by embracing the business owner mindset, you’ll attract clients who see you as a collaborator and not employees. 

Know how to tap into your Motivation

There are going to be days when you’re just not feeling it, even though your email runneth over. Know how to tap into your motivation so you can power through those days when projects are due, and motivation is nowhere to be found. 

Listen to music. Grab a snack. Promise yourself a reward. Regardless of how you choose to motivate yourself, find a motivational strategy or tool and call on it when “one of those days” strikes. 

 Know How To Set Boundaries

While your contract is your first professional boundary, you need to be comfortable setting other boundaries to be successful in the long run. Say no to a project or client that doesn’t resonate with you personally or professionally. Establish when/how you’re available to clients. Draw the line between personal and professional time. 

Set aside a physical workspace in your home and if you have a family, make sure they understand the purpose of that space.

These shifts can be tough if you’ve come from a corporate background where there was minimal input allowed or firm boundaries were frowned upon. Setting healthy boundaries is one of the keys to your business success and longevity‚Ķand your sanity. 

Maintain Focus

Working from your home office can be amazing. It can also be very distracting, especially if there are kids or pets that will need attention and care throughout the day. It’s hard to stay focused with so many distractions (including beautiful weather) but stay the course. 

By learning how to maintain focus, you’ll deliver projects on time (which will make your clients very happy), and you’ll be able to power through on days when circumstances are less than ideal. Tap into a focusing method that works for you and stick with it. 

Be Willing To Take Initiative

Learn new technologies and apps that can boost your business. Follow up if you haven’t received a reply from a client. Get a jump-start on your marketing. Hire subcontractors if your business is growing beyond your ability to do all the things yourself. 

As a business owner, the willingness to take the initiative can separate you from the business owners who disappear after a year or two. 

Your business’s life depends on your willingness to take the initiative to keep things running smoothly and successfully for long-term success. 

Cultivating and maintaining healthy mindset shifts are essential to your well-being as an entrepreneur. You’ll reap the benefits personally and professionally, and develop the resilience necessary to staying in business for the long haul. 

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