Monetizing Your Facebook Group

Communicating, connecting, and engaging online has become vital in the wake of the pandemic. The online space has become the setting for networking, connecting with friends and family, and conducting business. 

The current environment puts us front and center if we have our own Facebook group. If you’ve been running your Facebook group for a while and would like to ramp things up a bit, monetizing your group is the way to go. 

Here’s a look at some ways you can monetize your Facebook group. 

Market directly to group members

This is a prime opportunity to market to your group members through written and video content, live streams, blog posts, and podcasts. 

One word of caution: be sure to mix sales content with your other informative and engaging content. No one likes to be “sold” to on a regular basis. Include one sales-oriented post a week and focus the rest of the week on educational, informative, and engaging posts. 

Charge a subscription fee

Depending on your niche and demographic, group members may be willing to pay for unlimited access to tips, advice, videos, courses, and other assets. 

Generate leads   

 This option is perfect if you offer high-ticket items, such as corporate training/coaching or other specialized services. 

Offer additional services on top of your regular offers: ebooks, coaching, and mentoring are excellent add-ons that could provide potential leads for your high-ticket offers. 


Suppose you are a VA specializing in web design. You could offer a live webinar on WordPress fundamentals, introductory web design, or other topics of interest to your group members.

Facebook groups are of value more than ever in the current climate. Monetizing your Facebook group can provide additional income streams and grow group membership at the same time. 

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