Scaling to an Agency: Is It The Right Time?

Scaling to an agency may or may not be on your immediate “to do”list. You’ve been working hard as a VA, and have a roster of your ideal clients. Business is good…in fact, it’s great! 

Don’t let the word “agency” scare you. One or two subcontractors may be all you need to help tackle your growing workload. 

You’re Turning Down Opportunities

Referrals from satisfied clients are flowing in, and you’ve reached capacity. There are only so many hours in a day…

No one likes to turn down work, but if your calendar is packed or if the opportunities coming your way are outside of your skill set, it’s a good time to think about scaling to an agency. 

Hiring subcontractors to catch the overflow or to take on projects outside of your scope is an excellent solution to expanding your capacity without burning yourself out. 

It’s the classic win-win situation: you’re still able to take on more clients  and you have subcontractors that can maintain the increased workload. 

By having subcontractors pick up the overflow or tasks you’d rather not do, you’re able to take on even more work than if you had remained a sole proprietor. 

You will also be in a position to offer a broader range of services by scaling to an agency, and can expand your business’s menu of services. 

The Growth Is Sustainable 

While some businesses may have seasonal spikes, your business is growing regardless of season or time of year. In looking ahead, you realize the larger volume is here to stay. 

Sustained growth is an excellent reason to consider scaling to an agency. Your subcontractors can assist with large-scale projects, tackle projects outside of your scope of skills or interest, and support you in your zone of genius without you having to directly take on any new clients. 

If the growth is in your zone of genius, bringing on subcontractors who also work within that zone is an excellent opportunity to increase your budding agency’s presence in your particular niche. 

If the word “agency”sounds overwhelming, it’s OK. You don’t need to bring on a full staff all at once. Start slowly with one or two  subcontractors and add more as demand for your speciality continues to grow. 

By starting small, you can still have some control over projects, assignments, and tasks that are divided between you and your subcontractor(s). You do have the option of scaling at your pace. 

Scale too quickly and things can become disorganized. Scale too slowly or too late, and you could miss some outstanding opportunities. 

Scaling to an agency model is an opportunity that presents itself; you find yourself with more work than you can comfortably handle, and that growth will be sustainable over time. 

By expanding your business and bringing on subcontractors, you’ll still have the opportunity to do the work that you love, while your subcontractors pick up the overflow or take on work outside of your specialty. 

Your clients will still receive the outstanding service they’ve heard about without missing a beat. 

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